Friday, December 21, 2012

Celebrating My 65th Year

Yesterday was my 65th birthday and with it came the beginning of my way in which I am celebrating my life and all that I have been blessed with.   I am not wealthy in the monetary sense although I am fortunate in so many other ways.  I have four wonderful children, three great son-in-laws, and five fantastic grandchildren.  I am also blessed with friends, my health, and a comfortable life. 

As I look around at the world today, there are so many that don’t have a fraction of what I have.  So this year to commemorate my life thus far, I will be completing 65 random acts of kindness over the course of my 65th year and I want to share my experiences with you as I endeavor to help make our world a little nicer, one act at a time.  

I completed my first random act of kindness yesterday with the help of my son.  Ronnie and I had to be in Morganton, NC for a meeting yesterday and decided to stop by Poplar Cottage at the J Iverson Riddle Development Center while we where in Morganton.  Ronnie used to reside there prior to moving back home with me, several years ago.  Just stopping in for a visit with some of the staff would have been a nice gesture in and of itself, but I really wanted to make the residents who mow lived there the recipients of my first random act of kindness; so, the night before I baked two dozen cupcakes, one for each of the residents in Poplar Cottage.

When Ronnie and I got to the cottage several staff where surprised and delighted to see him, but the real surprise came when I gave the cottage director the  two dozen cupcakes and explained that they where a treat for the twenty-four cottage residents.  The residents where not in the cottage when we were there, but I left knowing that when they returned to the cottage later that day, they would each be surprised with a sweet treat.